Romantic Room/ Hotel Themes

Price of this package is $500. Friday-Sunday
Monday-Thursday Price is $380
The rooms can be packaged according to your wish. Call in for a price

Romantic Room/ Hotel Themes

Let us orchestrate your Love Symphony with Romantic Occasions. Whether it’s an intimate dinner or a grand gesture, we craft moments that celebrate the essence of love

Comes with:

-Balloons (Can choose to have hanging roses on balloons) ( Choice of 2 colors for balloons)
-Tea light candles, Regular candles
-Faux roses (to decorate floor, bed, and bathtub/jacuzzi)
– 1 choice of a Balloon phrase (Happy Birthday, Happy anniversary, I love you, Will you Marry Me etc.) Goes on the back wall above the headboard.
-Ice bucket
-1 dozen fresh roses
-1 box of chocolates
-A set of plates and utensils
-2 wine glasses
-Blue tooth speaker


Picnic Table for two $100 (comes decorated according to your room theme)
Canvas and Painting Supplies $50
Wine or Champagne (you must pay for the bottle, and I will pick it up if needed)